Bottle Feeding Techniques

bottle_feeding_techniqueThe following are a few steps to follow to make bottle feeding a safe and happy practice.

  • Always keep the bottle tilted so that the milk covers the teat to avoid your baby drawing in air instead of her food
  • Hold your baby in  a tilted position as it is hard to feed when lying flat and don’t leave the bottle propped in her mouth because he/she may choke in it
  • Do not feed her if she refuses to consume. If she’s done hold her up and gently pat her back so that she’ll find it easy to release swallowed air


  • When you’re feeding your baby make sure you make skin to skin contact to make feeding more because it is believed to develop a close contact with the baby
  • Switch arms from time to time so that the baby can observe his/her surrounding and it will also help you to ease the pain that develops when staying in one position for a long time
  • Enjoy every moment of it. As your baby will grow fast and start feeding herself you’ll have to enjoy every bit of time you get while feeding your baby



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